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Our technology supports the global food industry

We’re a technology team developing software to support the global food industry. The Motiion Platform supports information flows within and across companies in the food value chain, enabling players in the industry to focus on their own specific tools and systems.

We believe modern technology and open, transparent information can foster trust, reduce waste, improve profitability and, ultimately, feed the world.

Motiion is a remote-first company and we give our employees the opportunity to solve challenges in the global food industry while living and working wherever you are most comfortable. We believe in transparency, diversity, merit and fostering a culture of accountability, personal impact and career growth.

What are we up to?
January 26, 2019
A Crusade Against Email
An estimated 269 billion (!) emails are sent every day. To address this problem, we've taken it to the extreme. In our new company, we do not send any internal emails. None. This has fundamentally changed the way everyone collaborates.
January 8, 2019
Slow Written Language In A Fast-Moving Startup
Employees’ time is the most valuable resource in most organizations. We believe the written word can give back time to everyone. And, we have writing instead of speaking is a key building block for a successful Remote company.
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We have built large scale technology companies
Are Traasdahl
Are Traasdahl

Are has more than 20 years’ experience in mobile and digital content. He was the Founder & CEO of Tapad Inc. In 2016, Telenor Group acquired Tapad for $360M, making it the fifth largest venture-backed M&A exit in New York since 2009.

Traasdahl is a frequent contributor for outlets such as CNBC and Bloomberg News, and he has been featured in Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, Ad Age and other major news outlets. He was named Global Startup Awards’ Founder of the Year in 2016 and EY Entrepreneur of the Year in 2014. Prior to Tapad, he founded Thumbplay, a mobile entertainment service that he grew to more than $100MM in revenues in less than 3 years before he exited the company (the company, later acquired by Clear Channel, is now called iHeartRadio).

Dag Liodden
Dag Liodden

Dag is a technologist and entrepreneur. He co-founded Tapad Inc in 2010 and served as its Chief Technology Officer through 2017. Working in startups from the ground up in most of his career, he has built systems ranging from mobile applications, logistics systems and payment processing solutions to high throughput trading systems leveraging the bleeding edge of machine learning. Liodden is passionate about technology and loves building teams that build great products.