Why we are here

Food is the world’s largest industry, representing about 10% of the global GDP and employs hundreds of millions of people. One of the greatest challenges facing the world today is how to feed a growing global population, and provide them with healthy, nutritious and tasty food that is produced in a sustainable and efficient way.

Agricultural products are cornerstones of the economy of the majority of the Worlds countries and the economic viability of the industry is likely the biggest driver of getting more people out of poverty globally. In addition consumers are looking for more visibility and transparency throughout the supply chain. This is all happening while huge amounts of food goes to waste. It is estimated that about 50% of all US food produce is left rotting in the fields. Similarly, large quantities of fresh meats are being frozen or turned into cheap animal feed and excellent specialty coffees are roasted to a crisp and sold in bulk at historically low prices.

Some parts of the food industry are becoming more technologically advanced, but the solutions are usually focusing on the internal operations of the companies rather than facilitating collaboration, coordination and information sharing across parties such as growers, exporters, importers, wholesalers, distributors, retailers and logistics companies.

We are not building ERP systems, but rather the information fabric that can connect these systems and / or be the platform on which a new generation of ERP features can be built. Examples of such features are end-to-end tracking and tracing of foods to ensure food safety and product differentiation and new ways to trade to manage the ebbs and flow of supply and demand.

Motiion is a remote-only company and we give our employees the opportunity to solve challenges in the global food industry while living and working wherever you are most comfortable. We believe in transparency, diversity, merit and fostering a culture of accountability, personal impact and career growth.

Why we are different
Our main goals with Motiion are easy to explain: We want to build a company that we would like to enjoy spending the rest of our careers in, that has a positive impact on the world and that will outlast us. Achieving these goals will be challenging, but we know we can do it. Here’s why:
A strong founder team
We, the founders, have a proven track record of building successful companies from scratch. We will take all of the amazing and painful experiences of the past and apply them to create a company we all will be very proud of.
The founders have invested $10M to allow us to focus on building technology and product the right way. Our eyes are on the goals of building a global technology platform. We are laser focused on customer needs, but will make product priorities based on our long-term goals, not short-term revenue.
Remote first
We believe the technology that enables remote work to be better than a corporate office setting is already here and the world of business is just about to catch up. Remote work certainly comes with drawbacks, but we strongly believe the advantages vastly outnumber the disadvantages. Speaking to dozens of experienced remote employees has shown us that the number one obstacle to building a successful remote workplace is doing it half-way by having some people be co-located and some remote. We want the same mode of collaboration for everyone and will therefore have no offices at all. This does not mean that you have to work from home all the time, or at all. Motiion will pay for co-working space nearby if that’s what you prefer!
Personal impact of collaborating individuals
We have seen first-hand how corporate culture can devolve into empire building and reporting lines. Motiion will have great managers, but we recognize and value the skills of individual contributors. You can grow your career at Motiion doing the work you love and excel at. Your merit matters, not your title.
Great benefits
We have top notch benefits, matching most of the large US tech companies, including 401k matching, excellent health insurance and a generous vacation policy.